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Glyphicons and Font Awesome

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Glyphicons and Font Awesome



Bootstrap Glyphicons Halflings are resolved in HTML by using the pseudo element before:. We have enhanced the Javascript to grab the content of the before: and copied this content to the replicated span node before formatting. The following is a test of this code:

This is a plus

This is a euro

This is a heart

This is a backward

This is a shopping-cart

This is a hand-right

This is a wrench

This is a usd

This is a fire

Of course, we also had to implement the relevant glyphicon font on the formatting server which we have done.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is handled in the same way as Glyphicons, that they map to an i with the pseudo element before:.

This is a link

This is a bullseye

This is a bullhorn

This is a cloud-download

This is a credit-card

Of course, you should be able to apply sizes and color like this:

Attribution should be given to the folks who put these excellent icon libraries together:

Glyphicon Halflings by Jan Kovařík http://glyphicons.com

Font Awesome by Dave Gandy http://fontawesome.io