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PDF Properties

xportability LLC

PDF Properties


Using a custom set of XML tags inside your HTML, you can insert both custom metadata as well as instructions for how the PDF would be viewed in a PDF viewer application (subject of course to that application supporting those features).


You use the (optional) tag <pdfproperties> and within that tag you can insert <metainfo> and <pdfpreferences> sections as shown in the instructions below. Within the <metainfo> tag, you can add <prop> tags with @name, @value attribute pairs with the data you wish to store in the PDF metadata. Anything without one of the recognized, standard PDF names (author, title, subject, creator, keywords) are stored in custom metadata in the PDF.

The <pdfpreferences> section allows you to insert one or more <pref> tags with specific @name, @value pairs that control the way the resulting PDF is displayed with a viewer that supports standard PDF view attributes. The support name, @value pairs are listed below and grouped into all the available categories:

General PDF Options

These options let you control some general information about the generated PDF.

bookmarks - sets whether PDF bookmarks are generated or not. The default is "false" for Cloudformatter. You can set @value to "true" if you want bookmarks in PDF. Note that bookmarks are only generated for interpreted hierarchical information. All h1 elements and there following h2 elements and so on. Skipping levels will break the sequence and the bookmarks will not be correct.

pdf-version - sets the PDF version number. The default is version 1.5 for Cloudformatter but you set @value to values like "1.3", "1.4", "1.6" or "1.7" if you wish to change the version. Be aware thar some other features could be disabled by setting the version too low.

compress - sets whether the PDF is compressed or not. The default is "true" for Cloudformatter. You can set @value to "false" if you want uncompressed PDF.

linearize - sets whether the PDF is linearized or not. The default is "false" for Cloudformatter. You can set @value to "true" if you want to optimize a long PDF for web view.

PDF View Options

These options let you control how the PDF when opened appears to the end user.

view-mode - Choose from one of the following:

  • auto - If there are bookmarks in the document, the bookmarks pane is displayed. Otherwise, all auxiliary panes are hidden.
  • show-none - All auxiliary panes are hidden.
  • show-bookmarks - The bookmarks pane is displayed.
  • show-thumbnails - The thumbnails pane is displayed.
  • full-screen - The document is displayed in full screen-mode.

initial-zoom - Choose from one of the following:

  • auto - Page scaling is not specified.
  • fit - The page is scaled to fit completely into the view port.
  • fit-width - The page is scaled so that its width matches the width of the view port.
  • fit-height - The page is scaled so that its height matches the height of the view port.
  • ### or ####% - The page is scaled by the number or percentage specified.

page-layout - Choose from one of the following:

  • auto - Uses settings of viewer application.
  • single-page - Displays one page at a time.
  • continuous - Displays pages continuously in one column.
  • two-columns-left - Displays pages continuously in two columns, with odd-numbered pages to the left.
  • two-columns-right - Displays pages continuously in two columns, with odd-numbered pages to the right.
  • two-pages-left - Displays pages in two columns, by two pages at a time, with odd-numbered pages to the left.
  • two-pages-right - Displays pages in two columns, by two pages at a time, with odd-numbered pages to the right.

viewer-preferences - A comma separated list of the following possibilities:

  • hide-toolbar - Hides the viewer application's tool bars when the document is active.
  • hide-menubar - Hides the viewer application's menu bar when the document is active.
  • hide-window-ui - Hides user interface elements in the document's window (such as scroll bars and navigation controls), leaving only the document's contents displayed.
  • fit-window - Resizes the document's window to fit the size of the first displayed page.
  • center-window - Positions the document's window in the center of the screen.
  • display-document-title - Controls whether the window's title bar displays the document title taken from the "title" metadata field.

PDF Security

These options allow you to specify owner and user security in the PDF output. User-level security can inject a password to be used to open the PDF, while owner-level security can control what can be done with the PDF (like printing it or copying the data from it).

userpassword - Sets the user password that must be entered to view the PDF. There are no options, the @value passed is the password to be used.

ownerpassword - Sets the owner password that must be entered to enable advanced processing of the PDF. There are no options, the @value passed is the password to be used. An ownerpassword is used to lock down certain privledges that an owner will grant to a recipient of the PDF. Without the owner password, recipients can be restricted from certain things. By default they are restricted from everything, and you can then specify what additional things you allow by using userpriviledges.

userpriviledges - A comma separated list of the following possibilities:

  • print - Enables printing the document.
  • modify - Enables editing the document.
  • copy - Enables copying text and images from the document to the clipboard.
  • annotate - Enables adding notations to the document and changing the field values.

PDF Pre-Press Options

These allow you to specify crop marks, bleeds and registration marks to be applied to the PDF.

crop-offset - specify offsets from the meaningful content on the page to the edges of the physical media (/MediaBox entry in the PDF page dictionary). Its value is a series of 1 to 4 length specifiers that set offsets from the edges of the page area to the corresponding edges of the /MediaBox. Rules for expanding the value are the same as for the padding property in CSS.

bleed - specify the bleeds — an extra space around the page area into which the contents of the page may protrude (/BleedBox entry in the PDF page dictionary). Its value is a series of 1 to 4 length specifiers that set offsets from the edges of the page area to the corresponding edges of the /BleedBox. Rules for expanding the value are the same as for the padding property in CSS.

crop-mark-width - defines line width for the crop marks, setting it to 0 disables drawing of crop marks.

bleed-mark-width - defines line width for the bleed marks, setting it to 0 disables drawing of bleed marks.

printer-mark - specify additional SVG images to be drawn in the offset area surrounding the page (specified by crop-offset and bleed parameters). Printer marks are clipped to the outside of the bleed rectangle. The @value is a URL to an SVG you have. This sample has two URLs (one for a colorbar and one for a registration mark) you can also use if you like.

The following code is what is behind this page for producing the PDF. Of course, you would only see the things supported by your PDF viewer you use. If you wish to see them all in action, then use "download" and Adobe Reader to view the PDF.


Recent changes in some browsers will not treat this XML as XML. Instead it tries (incorrectly) to not close tags. For best results, be sure to use open and close tags and not a self-closing tag.

<pdfproperties style="display:none;">
        <prop name="author" value="Xportability LLC"></prop>
        <prop name="title"
            value="Xportability Cloudformatter: Showing Custom
            PDF Properties"></prop>
        <prop name="subject" value="A Cloudformatter Document"></prop>
        <prop name="creator" value="css2pdf@cloudformatter.com"></prop>
        <prop name="keywords" value="CSS, PDF, Cloudformatter"></prop>
        <prop name="custom1" value="value1"></prop>
        <prop name="custom2" value="value2"></prop>
        <prop name="custom3" value="value3"></prop>
        <prop name="custom4" value="value4"></prop>
        <pref name="bookmarks" value="true"></pref>
        <pref name="pdf-version" value="1.6"></pref>
        <pref name="view-mode" value="auto"></pref>
        <pref name="initial-zoom" value="fit-height"></pref>
        <pref name="page-layout" value="two-columns-left"></pref>
        <pref name="viewer-preferences" value="display-document-title"></pref>
        <pref name="crop-offset" value="0.5in"></pref>
        <pref name="crop-mark-width" value="1px"></pref>
        <pref name="printer-mark"
        <pref name="printer-mark"

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