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The following examples use our external barcode generator server. All of these are generated server-side as images in SVG format. Examine the following HTML and you will see that these are merely <img> tags with @src attributes that contain the parameters to geenrate the barcode. This is passed to the Cloudformatter backend exactly as you see it. The backend makes the same call to the rendering server, receives SVG and places the SVG into the output PDF.

ITF-14 (0123456789012)

UPC-E (1234567)

UPC-A (037145007991)

EAN-13 (9783468111242)

EAN-128 (78236478234678234687236782367823678)

Interleaved 2 of 5 (0123456789)

Codabar (0123456789)

Code 3 of 9 (0123456789)

Code 128 (0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP)

Royal Mail CBC (0123456789ABCDEFGHIJ)

USPS Intelligent Mail (01234567890123456789)

PDF 417 (Kevin+Brown+Rio+Crest+Wines+15460+Morningside+Drive+Guerneville+CA+95446+http://www.riocrest.com)

Datamatrix (Kevin+Brown+Rio+Crest+Wines+15460+Morningside+Drive+Guerneville+CA+95446+http://www.riocrest.com)