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Pass-Through XSL FO Styling

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Pass-Through XSL FO Styling



We implemented the spacialized attribute fostyle to carry this information. Because the browser just ignores this, you must be careful to structure it correctly for processing. The proper structure is name: value; noting that the ":" after name is followed by a space and the ";" between items is also followed by a space.

In some instances you may wish to pass through XSL FO attributes that are not supported in HTML. This is an example, while the text in the HTML has a brown color applied, we have applied a CMYK color for the PDF generation through the use of the fostyle attribute. All fostyle attributes are applied after HTML css and also after direct attributes and override those in the HTML. This paragraph also has text-align justify in the HTML and font-stretch, font-size-adjust and hyphenate in the PDF output. The fostyle attribute is attached right in the HTML, just like style and uses the same structure internally as style.

The code for the paragraph above looks like this:

<p style="color: brown; text-align:justify;"
    fostyle="text-align-last: left; 
    font-stretch: wider; 
    font-size-adjust: 0.6; 
    hyphenate: true; 
    color: rgb-icc (255, 255, 0, #CMYK, .1, .2, .7, .5);">In some instances ...

Keeps of Various Kinds

Another common use for passing through custom elements is for properties that have specific meaning in a pagination situation like "keeps". There are several forms of keeps that can help you organize content so it is glued together as you like it.

The following are the most commonly used keeps:

  • keep-together.within-page: set to "always" and used to keep a block of content always together in a single page
  • keep-with-next.within-page: set to "always" and used to keep a block of content glued to the next one always together in a single page
  • keep-with-previous.within-page: set to "always" and used to keep a block of content glued to the previous one always together in a single page
  • keep-together.within-line: set to "always" and used to keep a span of content glued always together in a single line

The following shows some demonstrations of these capabilities.

Keeping Together Within a Page

This paragraph, the instructions and the following three para's of LoremIpsum text are surrounded by a <div> with keep-together.within-page as always, like this:

<div fostyle="keep-together.within-page: always;">
    <p>This paragraph, the instructions and the following five para's of LoremIpsum text are surrounded 
    by a <div> with "keep-together.within-page" as "always", like this:</p>...

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Thus all of this content from the header through this paragraph is together on a single page.

Keep Heading with Para and Table

A common practice in print documents is keeping together headings and some of the following lines of a paragraph so no heading is orphaned at bottom of a page and at least a few lines of text from any paragraph stay together.

What follows this are a series of headings and LoremIpsum paragraphs. The headings all have "keep-with-next.within-page" as "always" which will at least glue them to the paragraph. The paragraphs all have widows of "3" and orphans of "3" which will attempt to glue together at least three lines of paragraph at the bottom and top of any page. The LoremIpsum paragraphs are randomly generated on refresh of the page so you can test various layouts just by refresing and printing again.


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