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Inline Elements

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Inline Elements


Testing some inline elements. There are some elements still used like <b> for bold and <i>for italic. They can even be combined like <b><i><u>for bold italic underline. The more modern approach of using <span> with classes and css is also supported. A variety of other elements supported like the <q>quote element even <sup>superscripts and <sub>subscripts.

Other types of inline elements include:

  • The emphasis tag <em>: emphasis
  • The small tag <small>: small
  • The strike tag <strike>: strike
  • The strong tag <strong>: strong
  • The definition tag <dfn>: definition
  • The code tag <code>: code
  • The abbreviation tag <abbr>: abbreviation
  • The variable tag <var>: variable
  • The sample tag <samp>: sample
  • The keyboard tag <kbd>: keyboard
  • The mark tag <mark>: mark

By default, we only take the styling for the majority of these elements that are passed through by the frame work that you are using. These sample pages are using the default styling used by Twitter Bootstrap.