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Floating Content

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Floating Content


Many current implementations in HTML make use of responsive designs. The challenge is to try and replicate this HTML into the printed page. The trigger here is the float element. We will start with an easy example, how about replicating a drop-cap.

his would be a good example of a floating container. A drop capital is frequently used in book publishing. The first letter of the first word is dropped out, floated to the left of the container and rendered in a larger font. Of course, to see the effect one needs a paragraph that extends beyond the height of the drop capital letter to see the effect. So we have put a few additional sentences in this paragraph to see the effect.

Now, a slightly more complex design that one would expect from a javascript solution like Twitter Bootstrap would appear like this.

Column 1

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Column 2

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Column 3

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And this paragraph would appear after the floats. It has "clear" both to clear the floats.